Back to Teaching

I have started to settle into life as a parent. My son is almost 3 months old and I am excited about my return to teaching. My yoga these days is a lot of pranayama, meditation while holding my sleeping baby, and gentle stretching. I’m looking forward to seeing my personal practice evolve as the months go on.

As for my teaching schedule, I’m coming back slowly, so I’ll try to update with changes as they happen. For now, I am back in February to Sundays at Yoga Six. I’m so excited to be teaching 3 classes: Deep Stretch, Flow, and Meditation. Be on the lookout for a meditation workshop soon!

I’m also back to teaching some corporate classes. If you’re not already a corporate client, please let me know if you’d like to bring a yoga, meditation, or lunch and learn presentation to your office. During my time off for maternity leave, I have had the chance to practice real life meditation, stress-management, and habit formation techniques. I love sharing these topics with my corporate clients. Please join our mailing list over at my company Unfold to get our latest offers as well as a “Pose of the Month” email. We are so excited to bring you new offerings this year!

I will be back to teaching at Yoga Now and CAC in March. Stay tuned for dates.




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