Nicole Elipas

Nicole has been practicing yoga regularly since 2002. At first, she was drawn to the physical aspects of yoga, discovering new muscles and ways to challenge her body. As a lifelong athlete, playing various sports and figure skating through her youth, she appreciated the physical practice. Slowly, she began to notice the calming and revitalizing effects that yoga had on her mind. She became curious about this different and wonderful ancient modality. Yoga kept her healthy throughout her undergraduate years and sane during law school. Nicole has seen first hand the effects that the practice of yoga can have on mind, body and spirit.

Nicole decided to take her first teacher training with the intent to further her knowledge of yoga and anatomy to benefit her personal practice. As a working attorney, she did not anticipate wanting to actually teach yoga. Lo and behold, she began teaching on weekends and also started teaching corporate yoga during her lunch hour. With a background in the law, Nicole finds it very rewarding to teach yoga and meditation to other attorneys, law-firm employees, and other high-stress office workers.

Nicole received her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University, having studied Art History, Biology and Economics. She holds her law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Her yoga teaching certificates come from Yoga Now and yogaview in Chicago. She has taken, and continues to take, various teacher training programs and workshops with leading yoga teachers from around the world.

Nicole is available for private + small group sessions, and corporate yoga + meditation instruction in Chicago. She teaches public classes at Yoga NowYoga Six and is an apprentice at Yoga Circle every Tuesday afternoon.


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